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Open to all Australia and New Zealand university/TAFE students

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1. Join the Discord!

The UNIHACK Discord will be our main hub for the event. This is where all of our giveaways, mentoring, and how we will communicate with everyone during the 48+ hours.

Make sure you are a member so you do not miss out.

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2. Register your team

Got a team ready to go? Make sure you register it on our new Team Management portal. This lets you tell us who is in your team, what you are working on, and notifies us instantly of any changes.

Only one person from your team needs to register for an account.

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3. Looking for a team or team members?

The best place to start would be on our Discord server. We have a channel called #team-finder where you see if anyone else is looking. We plan to try and organise something virtual closer to the event.

Alternatively, consider reaching out to your university's IT student society if they can help out.

4. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Want to know when we will announce the prizes for this year's event? What about the workshops, pre-hack and post-hack events that we have planned with some of our sponsors?

We will send out email notifications when we are ready to announce them to you. So make sure you keep checking your email inbox about any and all UNIHACK news.

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Judging Criteria

✨ Polish, Design, and Execution

What does the project look like? Is it intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible? And most importantly, does it actually work?

πŸ’ͺ Technical Difficulty

Does the hack look technically interesting or challenging? Is it simply putting a pretty frontend on an existing API or does it do something more?

πŸ’‘ Originality and Creativity

How unique is the hack? Does it solve a new problem, or have a new take on an existing problem?

😲 Wow Factor

Does it spark joy? Would this be something you use and show to your friends? Yes, this is totally subjective. But that’s what makes it fun.


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