Hacking starts 6PM today (Melbourne time)

Participate from the Melbourne Hub

at Monash University Clayton

Participate from the Sydney Hub

at UNSW Kensington

The winners will be announced on March 11.


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Main Prize

1st Place

  • $5000 cash
  • Bose QuietComfort SE headphones for each team member
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube for each team member

2nd Place

  • $2500 cash
  • Sennheiser HD450BT for each team member

3rd Place

  • $1500 cash
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 for each team member

Judging Criteria

✨ Polish, Design, and Execution

What does the project look like? Is it intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible? And most importantly, does it actually work?

πŸ’ͺ Technical Difficulty

Does the hack look technically interesting or challenging? Is it simply putting a pretty frontend on an existing API or does it do something more?

πŸ’‘ Originality and Creativity

How unique is the hack? Does it solve a new problem, or have a new take on an existing problem?

😲 Wow Factor

Does it spark joy? Would this be something you use and show to your friends? Yes, this is totally subjective. But that’s what makes it fun.

Sponsor Prizes

SponsorMost Healthy Hack

We're looking for something that helps people live a healthier life. It could help people be more in control of their health. Or it could be something that improves the health systems around them.

  • $750 for the entire team

SponsorBest Use Case of Redactive AI

We are looking for the best AI use case that builds on top of Redactive. We are a developer platform that helps connect permissioned data to AI applications. You don't need to spend time creating connections to external data sources or setup vector databases. Using our API developers can quickly get started making AI applications and be confident that sensitive data isn't leaked using our permissions platform.

  • $1000 for the entire team

Category Prizes

Best Design

Awarded to the most usable and best looking user interface.

  • Frank Green Coffee Lovers Set for each team member

Most Creative Idea

The project that has the most original idea or reinvention.

  • Keychron K1 Wireless Keyboard for each team member

Social Impact Prize

The best idea that addresses an issue in your local community.

  • Crumpler Communal Dwelling Bag for each team member

First Timers Prize

The best project created by first-time hackathon participants.

To be eligible, at least 50% of your team must have not attended a hackathon.

  • Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speakers for each team member

Most Entertaining Pitch

Can you summarise your pitch in in three minutes - whilst also being engaging and entertaining?

  • Ostritch Pillow for each team member
  • LAMY Swift Rollerball pen with Studio Milligram Notebook for each team member

People's Choice Award

The project that wins the hearts and votes of the people.

  • Amazon Echo smart speaker for each team member
  • Desktop vacuum cleaner for each team member

Best Social Media Prize

Send out the best tweet, message, photo, story or short video that sums up your experience of #UNIHACK2024.

This is an individual prize.

  • DJI Osmo Mobile SE Gimbal

Best Meme

Make the best meme during the event and post it on the UNIHACK Discord. I couldn't make it any more obvious.

This is an individual prize.

  • Totally a secret



Miga Health


Amazon AWS
Redactive AI

Bronze & Product


Other Partners